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Frequently asked Questions

  • When does the online seminar start?

    You can start the online seminar at any time. Once you have paid for a seminar, you will receive a confirmation of your booking and get immediate access to the seminar. You can work through the online seminar at your own pace - and decide when to start or continue at a later date.

  • What payment methods do we offer?

    You can conveniently pay for the online seminar via PayPal, direct debit, credit card or bank transfer after invoicing. If you would like to pay for the online seminar in another way, just send us an email to info@i-p-l.de. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

  • Is the payment processed over a secure connection?

    Yes, your order is processed on an encrypted page (SSL connection).

  • Do I have to download or install anything to use the online seminar?

    No. Just use the web web browser of your choice.

  • Do I need prior knowledge to understand the online seminar?

    No, all of our online seminars are suitable for learners with no prior experience. Operational experience is helpful. You can join us at any learning level and develop individually.

  • Do I get a certificate when I have completed an online seminar?

    Yes, after successful participation in an online seminar, you will receive a digital certificate confirming your participation. The learning content is also listed there. You can integrate the certificate in your application portfolio - because it shows that you are a person who cares about his own development, who wants to work on his career and not stop learning.

Our Competencies at a Glance

Knowledge of the current state of the art

Contents explained in an comprehensive way

(Company-specific) seminars in presence and online

We combine theory with practice

Fundamental: economic efficiency!

We know and understand your problems exactly

Quality, procurement, production and logistics - that what IPL stands for

Green and human - analog and digital

From analysis to realization

Any questions?

We will be happy to answery any questions you may have about our seminars, whether they are about the content or the procedure. Just send us a message.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Jürgen Meier

Steps of Enhancement

1. Analysis

Imparted Skills and Knowledge:

  • Learn to see
  • How to identify root causes
  • Understand effects
  • Application
  • How to select suitable methods

2. Methods

Imparted Skills and Knowledge:

  • Get an overview
  • Develop strategies
  • All about designated methods
  • Best way to proceed
  • Helpful hints and tricks
  • Application

3. Tools

Imparted Skills and Knowledge:

  • Obtain detailed insights
  • All about designated tools
  • Best way to proceed
  • Helpful hints and tricks
  • Application

4. Application

Imparted Skills and Knowledge:

  • Roll out and achieve improvements
  • All about project management
  • Basics of business economics
  • Helpful hints and tricks
  • Integrate methods and tools